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UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that EPSRC have funded our CDT for five more years under the new name EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Integrated Imaging in Healthcare (i4health).

Visit our new website at:

Prof. Xavier Golay

UCL Institute of Neurology

UCL Institute of Neurology
8-11, Queen Square, Box 65


Xavier is a Professor of Neurophysics and Translational Neuroscience at the UCL Institute of Neurology. He received his Ph.D. on Functional MRI at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETHZ), where he worked as a research assistant in the group of Professor Peter Boesiger. His research interests include the development of MRI as a translational tool for neurological diseases, aiming at measuring identical image-based biomarkers from mouse to human, and from the laboratory to the clinical settings. Xavier has served on many committees of the ISMRM and ESMRMB including on the Board of Trustees, he is author on more than 90 journal articles and a member of the Editorial Board of NMR in Biomedicine and Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics Biology and Medicine.

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