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Dr Marc Modat

UCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

3rd floor, Room 307
Wolfson House
4 Stephenson Way


I did my PhD, entitled “Efficient dense non-rigid registration using the free-form deformation framework”, at the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) under the supervision of Prof Sebastien Ourselin, Prof Nick Fox and Prof David Hawkes. During my PhD, I developed an open-source software tool for medical image registration, NiftyReg.

Past and Current Research

I have been working on the development of efficient techniques for medical image registration. Medical image registration is a tool commonly used in medical image analysis. However registration techniques are usually time consuming. I have developed a parallel version of the well-known free-form deformation algorithm and implemented it using the CUDA API from NVidia [HP-MICCAI08,SPIE09,CMPB10]. Further methodological work involved biomechanically constrained medical image registration [WBIR10], differential bias field correction [ISBI10] or topology preservation for medical image registration purpose [EMPIRE10], symmetric registration [WBIR12,SPIE2014,JMI2014] and diffeomorphic registration [SPIE11,MMBIA12].

I am currently involved in the translation of cutting edge techniques developed at CMIC to our clinical partners.