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Dr M. Jorge Cardoso

UCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

3rd floor, Wolfson House
4 Stephenson Way


I’m currently exploring novel highly accurate and robust techniques to segment, parcelate and localise different types of tissues using anatomical images, providing better imaging biomarkers and better patient specific prior knowledge for multi-modal image analysis, with application to quantitative neuroradiology. These techniques have been applied to elderly subjects, thus improving on the sensitivity, specificity and power of ROI-based imaging biomarkers in large scale clinical studies, and to neonatal subjects, thus enabling better measurements of microstructural characteristics (such as myelin water fraction, intra-/extra-axonal water fraction, myelin-to-axon diameter g-ratio) and better indicators of myelination in the preterm brain. Both these applications are relevant for diagnosis, estimation of disease progression, and the monitoring of disease-modifying treatments.

Available Projects:

Physics-based image synthesis for MRI sequence standardisation

Therapeutic Modelling in Multiple Sclerosis: Atrophy and White Matter Hyperintensities