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Academic Board

The Academic Board makes up the theme leaders and other advisors on the CDT. The cross disciplinary support from across UCL and its partner hospitals and research institutes is what makes this CDT possible.

Prof David Hawkes
Chair of CDT Academic and Advisory boards


Prof Geraint Rees
CDT Co-Director


Prof Mark Lythgoe
CDT Co-Director


Prof Sandro Olivo
Imaging Devices Theme Lead
Prof Claudia Wheeler-Kingshott
Image Acquisition Theme Lead
Prof Simon Arridge
Image Reconstruction Theme Lead
Prof John Ashburner
Image Analysis Theme Lead
Prof Yiannis Ventikos
Computational Modelling Theme Lead
Dr Dean Barratt
Interventional Systems Theme Lead
Prof Andrew Taylor
Cardiovascular Imaging Theme Lead
Dr Olga Ciccarelli
Neuroimaging Theme Lead
Dr Shonit Punwani
Cancer Imaging Theme Lead
Prof Stuart Taylor
Infection and Inflammation Imaging Theme Lead
Dr Anna David
Fetal Medicine Theme Lead
Prof Francesca Cordeiro
Ophthalmology Theme Lead
Prof Alister Hart
Musculoskeletal / Orthopaedic Theme Lead
Prof Paolo De Coppi
Paediatric Imaging Theme Lead