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the success of our CDT is made possible by the strong network of researchers, clinicians and high-achieving students, all steered by a strong management team

Centre Staff

The Centre is managed, under the directorship of Prof Sebastien Ourselin, by a team of academics drawn from both engineering and clinical disciplines. The Management Team runs the centre day to day.

Professor Sebastien Ourselin

The Centre Director takes overall responsibility for the training programme and chairs the management meetings and various events associated with the program.


Dr Gary Zhang
Deputy Director

The deputy director, Dr. Zhang, assisted by the Centre Administrator, take charge of many of the day-to-day activities including website maintenance, advertising, recruitment, scheduling, student management, teaching and exam coordination, and project/supervisor assignment.


Dr Dan Stoyanov
Industry & Entrepreneur Liaison

The Industry and Entrepreneurship Liaison seeks industry input, sponsorship and advise students on industry placements.


Dr Ivana drobnjak
Student Tutor

The student tutor is primarily responsible for pastoral care of the students, but also supporting Dr. Zhang and providing some redundancy in the academics’ knowledge of each student’s situation.


Ms Rebecca Holmes
Centre Administrator

The Centre Administrator is responsible for the administration of the CDT programme and application process.


Katie Konyn
Communications Officer

Responsible for internal and external communications relating to the CDT and the evening seminar series.