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UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that EPSRC have funded our CDT for five more years under the new name EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Integrated Imaging in Healthcare (i4health).

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30 May

Seeing the brain: How neuroimaging transforms the diagnosis and treatment of patients with brain disorders

by Benedetta Biffi


Doctors and scientists once had to wait until autopsy to examine the brain, and psychologists had to deduce from behavior where the brain was injured. Now they can study detailed three-dimensional images of the brain to spot problems, to understand what happens during tasks, thoughts, and emotions and to assess the effectiveness of various treatments.

Current neuroimaging techniques reveal both form and function. The newest tools show how different regions of the brain connect and communicate. In this talk I will explain the developments and utilities of neuroimaging over the past decade and how we enable its translation from academia to clinical use, to help accelerate the discovery and development of treatments for brain disorders.

Speaker Bio:

Currently the CEO/CTO of Mint Labs (Co-founder), Paulo graduated from Software Engineering Department of the University of Minho, Portugal in 2004 and obtained his PhD in Medical Visualization and Image Processing from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands in 2011.

Paulo is an expert in neuroimaging, neuroscience, computer graphics, image analysis, software engineering, mobility and visualization. He combines this experience and expertise into shaping the cloud platform, the core product on Mint Labs, and the central part of this research project.

Mint Labs:

Mint Labs is a medical imaging company which aims to understand the brain by providing state-of-the-art technology for the prediction, detection, and diagnosis of brain disorders. Visit their website to learn more.

Date and Time: Tue 30 May 2017, 18:00 – 19:00

Location: Roberts Building, G08 Sir David Davies LT

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Benedetta Biffi

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