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28 Mar

PhD Studentship: SOLUS (Smart OpticaL and UltraSound diagnostics of breast cancer)

Allocated Projects

This project is part of the EC funded SOLU project to develop a multimodal imaging system combining diffuse optics and ultrasound for improved diagnosis of breast cancer.

The PhD student will develop models of time-of-flight light propagation in tissue and inverse solutions for identifying and characterising breast cancer lesions with improved specificity by exploiting simultaneous acquisition of ultrasound images. The position will suit a Physicist, Applied Mathematician or Engineer with experience of computational models and inverse problems.

The SOLUS (Smart OpticaL and UltraSound diagnostics of breast cancer) project will develop an innovative multi-modal tomographic system combining diffuse optical tomography and ultrasound/shear wave elastography to support the in vivo diagnosis of breast cancer, a major age and life-style related disease. The multi-modal system aims at the classification of breast lesions after a positive screening, with special focus on improving the discrimination of lesions that are borderline between benign and malignant (BI-RADS 3 vs. 4a) and presently undergo screening evaluation with high false positive rate.

The project’s overall objective will be achieved by building on the multidisciplinary experience of the consortium and exploiting innovative photonics concepts and components concerning the time domain small source-detector distance approach to optical tomography and the high dynamic range time-gated detection approach. This will allow achieving unprecedented sensitivity, spatial resolution, and depth penetration, thus providing effective diagnostic information on tissue composition and functional blood parameters to complement clinical ultrasounds (USs) and shear wave elastography (SWE).

The overall project combines academic groups in the UK, Italy and France with industrial electronics and photonics expertise in France, Italy and Germany. The PhD student at UCL will develop mathematical and computational models for light propagation in tissue and methods for image reconstruction for the multimodality Ultrasound/Optical probe being developed by partners in the project. The ideal student will have expertise in Applied Mathematics or Theoretical Physics and strong programming skills for large scale numerical modelling problems.

– Supervisor : Professor Simon Arridge

- Start date : (to be decided, ideally as soon as possible).

- This funding is only available to Home/EU students

Deadline for applications : 30-April-2017