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14 Jul

New Modules Added for 2015-16

by Benedetta Biffi
Course Info

We are pleased to announce the full list of our course modules available to CDT students who begin their MRes in September 2015.

The MRes Year consists of compulsory units and transferable skills (135 units) and further optional modules (45 units)

The MRes year must equal 180 credits in total.

Compulsory Units

MPHYG099 Research Project (105 units, MRes Year 1)
MPHYGB25 Critical Review of Key Papers in Biomedical Imaging/Journal Club (15 Units, Term 1)

One of the following transferable skills must also be taken

MPHYG001 Research Software Engineering with Python (15 units, Term 1)
MPHYGB24 Programming foundations for Medical Image Analysis (15 units) Term 1
MPHYG002 Research Computing with C++ (15 units, Term 2)

Recommended Optional Units (45 Units must be taken)

COMPGV01 Mathematical Methods Algorithms and Implementations (15 units, Term 1)
COMPGV12 Image Processing (15 units, Term 1)
COMPGI14 Machine Vision (15 units, Term 1)
COMPGI08 Graphical Models (15 units, Term 1)
MPHYG900 Ultrasound in Medicine (15 Units, Term 1)

MPHYG910 Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Biomedical Optics (Term 2)
MPHYGB07 Computer-assisted Surgery and Therapy (15 Units, Term 2)
MPHYGB06 Information Processing in Medical Imaging (15 units, Term 2)
MPHYBG11 Medical Imaging (Ionising) (15 units, Term 2)
COMPGV08 Inverse Problems in Imaging (Term 2)
COMPGV17 Computational Modelling in Biomedical Imaging (15 units, Term 2)


Benedetta Biffi

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