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09 Jun

Multi-parametric Assessment of Tumour Physiology

Current Projects

Nuclear medicine imaging offers an exquisitely sensitive quantitative snapshot of physiological processes in a cancer patient, although it can be limited by its spatial and temporal resolution. Recent technological advances, particularly in multi-modal imaging such as PET/MR, PET/CT, and SPECT/CT offer the potential of significant improvements to the diagnostic capabilities of nuclear medicine by correcting for the limitations of the technique, and by offering supplementary data which together can characterize tumour physiology better than their individual components.

Projects in this field will include the development of techniques to:

  • Better track the delivery, dosimetry, and effectiveness of molecular radiotherapy using radio-labeled pharmaceuticals;
  • Improve the delivery of external beam radiotherapy treatment and measure directly the immediate response to the therapy itself;
  • Characterize tumours in a multi-parametric manner.