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UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that EPSRC have funded our CDT for five more years under the new name EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Integrated Imaging in Healthcare (i4health).

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28 Apr

Industry Seminar: From White Boards to White Coats with Prof Sir Michael Brady

by Benedetta Biffi

This talk has two inter-twined aims. First, it introduces the medical challenges, and the science that is being developed to address those challenges, that underlie my (current) companies: Mirada Medical, Volpara Solutions, Perspectum Diagnostics, ScreenPoint bv, further illustrated by Guidance Navigation Holdings, IRISS Medical Technologies, and Acuitas Medical. Second, it asks why I am driven by the translation of mathematics and computing (white board) to clinical practice (white coats).

More detail of the companies I am currently a Founder/Director of can be found at:

Speaker Bio:

Professor Sir Michael Brady is currently Professor in Oncological Imaging in the Department of Oncology at the University of Oxford, having recently retired as Professor in Information Engineering (1985-2010). Mike is co-Director of the Oxford Cancer Imaging Centre, one of four national cancer imaging centres in the UK. He is the author of over 750 articles and 45 patents in computer vision, robotics, medical image analysis, and AI, and the author or editor of ten books. He is particularly well known for his pioneering research in quantitative methods for mammography and breast cancer more generally. Mike has a continuing strong commitment to commercialisation of his science and to entrepreneurial activity more generally. Current companies he has founded are: Mirada Medical; Matakina; Perspectum Diagnostics; Guidance; and ScreenPoint. As well, he is an NED of IRISS Medical Technologies; Acuitas Medical; and colwiz. He recently stepped down after 19 years as Deputy Chairman of Oxford Instruments plc. Finally, he is a member of the Syncona Advisory Board and Chair of the Royal Society Publications.


Benedetta Biffi

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