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13 Sep

Serial and comprehensive quantitative assessment of lung disease from CT

by Dr Tom Vercauteren
Current Projects

Respiratory medicine has a need for quantitative regional tools for disease assessment. Clinical decision-making is based on global functional measurements and qualitative image assessment, which are insensitive to the localised changes that a...

13 Sep

X-ray elastography: imaging the mechanical properties of tissue using X-rays

by Dr Peter Munro
Current Projects

The mechanical properties of breast tissue, such as elasticity, have long been known to be an important indicator of tissue health and recent research suggests that peritumoural stiffness is predictive of response to therapy, for specific tumo...

13 Sep

Development of analysis methods to enable clinical use of Arterial Spin Labelling perfusion MRI in neurological patients

by Prof Frederik Barkhof
Current Projects

Measuring and monitoring cerebral perfusion levels is important in a number of brain diseases with vascular components. MRI can produce quantitative cerebral blood flow maps (CBF) using dynamic susceptibility contrast sequences and Gadolinium-...

13 Sep

Therapeutic Modelling in Multiple Sclerosis: Atrophy and White Matter Hyperintensities

by Dr M. Jorge Cardoso
Current Projects

Recent advances in the field of disease progression modelling have enabled the development of fully data driven models of disease through the use of surrogate imaging biomarkers of the underlying pathophysiological processes. These models commonl...

02 Jul

Intra and Extracellular Sodium Quantification by Multi-modal Modelling

by Katie Konyn
Current Projects

MRI is mostly used to detect signal from hydrogen nuclei in water molecules thanks to their large abundance in the body and the fact that alterations in a number of biological properties of tissue can alter this signal revealing damage. It is als...

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