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09 Feb

Deep Learning to find signal abnormalities in medical images

by Dr M. Jorge Cardoso
Allocated Projects

Deep Learning for general purpose quality control of medical images Subsection: Translational Imaging Group (TIG) Duration: 3 years Stipend: £16,851 per annum tax-free, full fees paid. Amount TBC Applications are invited for a PhD funding opp...

21 Sep

Development of non-invasive MRI methods to measure cerebral blood flow for early detection of dementia

by Dr David Thomas
Allocated Projects

Project Allocated in 2016-17 Arterial spin labelling (ASL) is a non-invasive, contrast-free MRI method for the measurement of cerebral blood flow (CBF). It is able to provide quantitative whole-brain CBF maps in scan times of a few minutes. ...

21 Sep

Multi-Scale Multi-Modal Retinal Image Fusion: From Neurons to Vessels

by Dr. Christos Bergeles
Allocated Projects

Project allocated in 2016-2017 Adaptive Optics (AO) is an optical imaging method that enables the observation of individual photoreceptor cells in the eye. With such micrometre level observations, clinicians can evaluate the condition of the...

21 Sep

Optimising MRI Susceptibility Mapping Methods to Investigate the Effects of Sickle Cell Anaemia on Iron Levels in the Brains of Young Patients

by Dr Karin Shmueli
Allocated Projects

Project Allocated in 2016-2017 Sickle cell anaemia (SCA) is a single-gene disorder that affects haemoglobin, causing red blood cells (RBCs) to become abnormal, fragile and ‘sickle’-shaped. SCA affects 1 in 2000 UK births and as many as 1 in ...

21 Sep

Home imaging system for chronic liver patients

by Dr Terence Leung
Allocated Projects

Liver disease is the 5th leading cause of death in Europe and there are currently more than 1.5 million advanced cirrhosis patients in need of regular monitoring, as currently the mortality stands at 170,000 deaths a year. Using imaging techni...

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