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21 Sep

Designing and Imaging Tumoroids to Test the Sensitivity of MRI Susceptibility Mapping to Hypoxia in Cancer

by Dr Karin Shmueli
Current Projects

Hypoxia is found in many tumours and is emerging as a useful indicator of tumour grade and a biomarker for poor response to radiotherapy. The clinical challenge is to determine the oxygenation levels inside tumours non-invasively. MRI suscepti...

21 Sep

Ultra high resolution imaging in paediatric epilepsy

by Dr David Carmichael
Current Projects

Current MRI brain scans to detect lesions in patients with epilepsy uses images with T1- and T2-contrast, which are reviewed by radiologists. If a lesion is found on MRI consistent with clinical aspects of their epilepsy the chances of success...

21 Sep

Integration of electrical encephalography (EEG) and brain near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to measure electrical activity, oxygenation and haemodynamic changes in human epilepsy

by Dr Ilias Tachtsidis
Current Projects

Epilepsy is the most common serious chronic neurological condition in children and is characterised by recurrent uncontrolled brain activity that is manifested by seizures. In up to 70% of patients seizures are controlled by medication, howeve...

21 Sep

Rigorous modelling of ophthalmic optical coherence tomography to aid image interpretation and quantification

by Dr Adrien Desjardins
Current Projects

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has revolutionised in vivo imaging of the eye and its surrounding structures. It can be used in diagnosis, or, intraoperatively during surgery either using a non-invasive hand-held system or integrated into a...

13 Sep

Advanced Image Analysis and Quantification of Clinical Pulmonary Optical Endomicroscopy

by Dr Tom Vercauteren
Current Projects

The dynamic and large datasets that are collected as part of pulmonary endomicroscopy procedures are challenging to analyse and also quantify. This project will deal with the development and deployment of image computing tools to objectively q...

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