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13 Nov

CDT Seminar: Computer analysis of lung CT imaging - new patterns in old scans

by Georgina Cade

ABSTRACT Lung fibrosis is a disease which is increasing in incidence, and predominantly affects male ex-smokers in their seventh decade. Though the exact causes are unknown, median survival from diagnosis is only 3-5 years in the worst form of fi...

01 Nov

CDT Seminar: Recent developments in spinal cord imaging in MS

by Georgina Cade

ABSTRACT Spinal cord MRI helps to diagnose MS, differentiate MS lesions from other disorders that affect the spinal cord, and identify patients who are more likely to develop a progressive course of the disease. Spinal cord pathology is responsib...

08 Oct

CDT Seminar: Innovation in Industry - from Science to Profit

by Georgina Cade

ABSTRACT MR as a modality is still young, and valuable research is performed by the MR research community with the aim to improve the MR acquisition and reconstruction and to develop new clinical applications. To facilitate this research, we a...

18 Sep

CDT Seminar: Measuring the brain’s magnetic fields

by Georgina Cade

ABSTRACT: I will introduce the field of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) – the measurement of magnetic fields due to neuronal activity. This technique allows us to track human brain function non-invasively and millisecond by millisecond. MEG system...

24 Apr

Inference and deference in machine neurology

by Benedetta Biffi

ABSTRACT Arguments about whether or not machine learning is the right answer commonly address the wrong question. By examining closely what a neurologist actually does, I show that no approach other than machine learning could conceivably do it...

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