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07 Nov

Disruptive innovation in paediatric cardiovascular magnetic resonance – the importance of physics and computer science

by Benedetta Biffi

In an ideal world, Cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) would be used routinely for the assessment of children with Coronary heart disease (CHD). Unfortunately, this is not possible because of;

i) long scan times (~1 hour)

ii) the need for expert clinical input during image acquisition

iii) the requirement for breath holding (necessitating general anaesthetic in small children)

iv) high cost.

We have developed several novel CMR techniques that allow some children to be scanned more rapidly and without the need for breath holds. Importantly, the development of fast imaging methodologies is completely dependent on the close collaboration between clinicians and MR physicists. In this seminar we will explore the development of these fast imaging methodologies and how they will affect clinical practice.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Vivek Muthurangu is a reader in cardiovascular imaging and physics at the University College London Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences. He is also the Director of Cardiac MR at Great Ormond Street Hospital London. Dr Muthurangu’s research revolves around the development of new imaging methodologies that allow for innovative assessment of patients with congenital heart disease.

Event Details:

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Benedetta Biffi

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