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10 Jun

Development of Novel MRI Biomarkers Using DTI to Measure Progression in Early Parkinson's Disease

Allocated Projects
Allocated in Academic year 2015-16

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the commonest neurodegenerative movement disorder and leads to progressive deterioration of multiple brain areas. At present no biomarkers exist that are proven to be useful measures of progression. Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can identify microstructural changes in brain tissue integrity and connectivity. This may prove useful not only to better understand the microstructual changes in the brain in the course of this disease, but may also provide a sensitive marker of progression over time. This project will develop novel DTI methods to identify changes in longitudinal assessments of patients with Parkinson’s disease and controls who have participated in a large international study of early PD. The study aims to provide insight into disease mechanisms and to identify sensitive markers of disease progression for use in clinical trials of potentially neuroprotective treatments.