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31 Oct

Danny Ramasawmy wins Student Paper Competition at 2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium

by Georgina Cade

Congratulations to CDT student Danny Ramasawmy who won the Sensors, NDE and Industrial Applications Student Paper award at 2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium.

The 2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium was held in Washington D.C., USA from 6-9 September 2017. Over 1,100 engineers and scientists attended, presenting new results and learning about new advances in medical and industrial ultrasonics.

Danny’s paper investigated how different wave modes affect the directionality of a hard-dielectric Fabry-Perot (FP) ultrasound sensor. FP ultrasound sensors are frequently used in photoacoustic imaging and can also be used in general ultrasound field characterisation. It’s particularly useful as a sensor because it can detect ultrasound with high sensitivity over a broadband frequency range (tens of MHz) and with small element sizes (tens of microns).

However, the multi-layered structure of the FP sensor causes a complex directional response, which then affects the accuracy of the measurements made with the sensor. Danny’s research attempts to overcome this by investigating how different wave modes affect the sensor’s directionality. This information could then be used to deconvolve the directional response, in effect ‘correcting’ the accuracy of the measurements produced.

The IEEE International Symposium was a chance for researchers to listen to talks, discuss the current trends in the ultrasound field and network with one another. Seven parallel oral sessions took place throughout the conference with nearly 200 posters displayed each day.

The Student Paper Competition posters were displayed for all of the days of the conference, meaning Danny had lots of opportunities to discuss his work with fellow attendees and exchange ideas about the future direction of his research. The student papers shown were of an incredibly high standard, making his win particularly impressive. He commented that he hopes to extend his work to model other types of Fabry-Perot ultrasound sensors and further understand the underlying physical principles behind them.

Next year’s IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium will be held in Japan from 22-25 October 2018 and will be expanded to include an eighth parallel oral session.


Georgina Cade
Georgina Cade

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