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15 Feb

CDT Journal Club: Dates for 2015-2016

by Dr Ivana Drobnjak
Course Info

Course Organisers:

Dr Andrew Melbourne, Dr Tammy Kalber, Dr Ivana Drobnjak

Aims and Objectives

Understanding and forming an accurate opinion of a journal article is a crucial skill for research; the CDT’s flagship journal club course aims to equip students with the skills necessary to carry out a critical review of literature relevant to their field.
Students will work together through group work and discussion to develop skills for critical thinking and reviewing, and understand the motivation for paper writing whilst developing academic presentation skills.

Assessment and Feedback

Students will be assessed through terms 1-3 in three categories:

  • Presentation Skills: Each student will present three times during the rotation, once as lead presented and once each presenting the contributions and limitations of the paper. Students will be assessed on each presentation. Students will be assessed on their general presentation skills, strength of conclusions and ability to handle questions.
  • Class Contribution (throughout the year): Students will be expected to contribute to the class throughout the year by raising questions, contributing to the discussion and voicing opinions. Attendance will form a component of class contribution.
  • Individual Paper Review (twice during the rotation): Students will be asked to submit a written review of one of the papers from the first and second half of the paper rotation. The review should summarise the paper and reflect upon contemporary literature. In the case of older papers, it is expected that some discussion of their subsequent impact should be present. The review should not exceed 1000 words. Two example written reviews are available here and here.

Class Structure

In 2016/2017 the CDT MRes students, each week in rotation, will present a paper chosen by an academic member of staff who will then chair the session. The academic chairperson will choose the paper in advance and will help guide the discussion. The sessions are likely to last for at least 90 minutes with discussion.

Important Dates

The schedule and venue for the 2016/2017 CDT Journal Club will be announced shortly.


Dr Ivana Drobnjak
Dr Ivana Drobnjak

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