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15 Jul

3D MRI Measuring Muscle Volume

by Benedetta Biffi

Research teams from RNOH and TIG have created software which automatically measures 3D muscle volume using standard MRI scans, and are the first to validate and apply this software to patients with muscle problems. The software was originally developed to measure the volume of cerebral cortex from MRI which has revolutionised clinical trials in dementia by providing a quantifiable measure of brain atrophy.

“The results of measuring muscle volume were astonishing. The software improved our understanding of hip and knee problems and generated 3D images that can be used to easily explain the problem to patients.” commented Professor Alister Hart, “We now have a new tool to assess human physical function. In minutes we can measure automatically the 3D muscle volume of individual muscles. This opens up a whole new field for patients, athletes, in fact anyone who is interested in their muscles.”

The software can be used to measure the effect of any intervention on human muscles, such as “What are the best surgical techniques to conserve muscles?”, “Which Pilates techniques are best for strengthening our core muscles?”, “Which artificial legs and rehabilitation techniques are best for injured soldiers?”, “Which sports are best for our muscles?”

Simulation of the Software:


Benedetta Biffi

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