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06 Jun

Developing novel biomarkers in the GENetic FTD Initiative (GENFI) study

by Katie Konyn

Abstract: Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is a clinically, pathologically and genetically heterogeneous neurodegenerative disorder which is familial in around a third of cases. The Genetic FTD Initiative (GENFI) is a multicentre study of genetic...

30 May

Seeing the brain: How neuroimaging transforms the diagnosis and treatment of patients with brain disorders

by Katie Konyn

Abstract: Doctors and scientists once had to wait until autopsy to examine the brain, and psychologists had to deduce from behavior where the brain was injured. Now they can study detailed three-dimensional images of the brain to spot problems,...

23 May

PHD: Machine learning for non-invasive prostate cancer characterization

by Ms Rebecca Holmes
Named Projects

Applications are invited for a PhD position at the Centre for Medical Image Computing of the UCL Department of Computer Science CMIC combines methodological researchers from the Departments of CS and Medical Physics & Bioengineering with biom...

15 May

MRes + PhD : Show, Attend and Tell: Deep Learning for Medical Image Captioning

by Dr M. Jorge Cardoso
Named Projects

Department: Medical Physics and Bioengineering Subsection: Translational Imaging Group (TIG) within the Centre for Medical Imaging Computing (CMIC) Duration: 4 years Stipend: £16,851 per annum tax-free, full fees paid. Closing Date for Applic...

10 May

Hybrid Optical-Electronic Imaging Probe for Guiding Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgeries

by Dr Adrien Desjardins
Named Projects

Supervision Team: Dr Adrien Desjardins (UCL MedPhys) Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou (UCL EEE) Dr Manish Tiwari (UCL MechEng) Dr Malcolm Finlay (Barts Heart Centre and QMUL) Start date: 25th September 2017 Minimally invasive procedures allow ...

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